Small group Personal training, strong and burn classes

Exercise has always been part of my life, from long distance running in High School, competitive swimming in College and water aerobics in my early years of marriage. I was never overweight, but I was also never toned. Never the less, I believed that I had a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

In September 2008, I returned from a wonderful 4- week holiday with my family. After that wonderful holiday, the image I faced in the mirror suddenly made me feel uncomfortable. I realized that I needed to address my lifestyle. The bridge between realizing that something needs to be done and actually doing something is unfortunately long and wide. A month later I came across an article on how to train for a 5 km race. This challenge finally lifted me out of my comfort zone (a comfort zone that at the time was not so comfortable any more, nor were any of my clothes!) On 20 October 2008, I took the first steps towards health, happiness and fitness.

Every step since then has been a blessed journey of self discovery. There have been lows and disappointments, but I stuck to my commitment and I kept pushing forward. Fortunately the triumphs and joy far outweighed the lows. I have met the most amazing and inspiring people and I have made wonderful new friends who have guided me on my quest for fitness.

Training Philosophy:

I share with you the most valuable lesson I have learned along the way:

The choices we make determine the way our lives will be If we choose to stay focused on: The positive things in life The blessings we receive Joy Peace Our lives will keep moving in that direction. Through the way we think, we have the power to ensure that our live keeps moving forward And ultimately we will fulfill our dreams

It will bring me great joy and satisfaction to lift you out of your comfort zone of mediocrity and to guide you to being the happy and fulfilled masterpiece you were created to be.

Training Environments:
Fitness Studio
Session Lengths:
45 minutes
Injury Experience:
Head & Neck, Shoulder, Torso, Hip, Back, Knee, Ankle
Workout Types:
Group classes


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