Canadian Protein All Natural Vegan Protein Blend is non-GMO and made from the finest plant-based ingredients, making it 100% vegan and vegetarian-friendly. It provides high levels of protein per serving, and can assist with muscle growth, fat loss, muscle maintenance, strength building, endurance, recovery, and much more besides

Group Training Classes
$20.00CAD - 50min

Group Training

Nutrition counselling
$649.00CAD - 30min

What will you get? Not just fat-loss, that's for sure. Although everyone gauges their success by how they look, this Plan will get into your head and into your psyche. You'll learn so much about your body that your mindset will change Let's say it reaches parts other Plans don't. :)

Super Greens Powder
$45.00CAD - 1min

Super greens 1lb