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Hi! I'm offering private and semi-private personal training as well as small group fitness classes. No one should be intimidated by the classes - they are for all levels and the pace of each exercise is your own. I'm here to help anyone get started in fitness. Give it a try! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I come from a family that was always very active. The house rule was that "you have to be doing something". I was a swimmer growing up, but also played sports like basketball, tennis, and skiing. Later I took up Taekwon Do and I am a black belt with over 10 years of training. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knowing that our country is battling obesity and the millions of dollars spent on obesity related healthcare, I felt I should be helping. I have encouraged friends to get involved in exercise and seeing the commitment they have made was so fulfilling; this is how the idea for Kim-to-Gym© evolved. So many people are intimidated by big gyms and formal classes. I think the best way to get someone new to fitness in the door is to build confidence first. My idea is to start here, in my home gym. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabata Testimonial: "Just a bit of feedback from someone who has taken some tabata classes with Kim...they are hard for sure but such a great workout and yes, we do laugh a lot! I encourage anyone interested in a tough workout to give it a try..the intervals make it quite doable! " C.H. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact via email: hit the "Contact" button above ^ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phone: 978-760-0524

ACE Personal Trainer
Training Philosophy:
"If everyone performed 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise daily, the incidence of most of the chronic 'diseases of civilization' (lifestyle diseases) would decrease dramatically. From this foundation, it may be argued that the focus of the exercise profession into the foreseeable future will likely be on strategies to get people to start exercising and to keep exercising regularly, rather than on the development of high levels of fitness."
Training Environments:
Session Lengths:
30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes
Workout Types:
One-on-one, Group classes
Kim-to-Gym© is a unique program designed to help any individual who wants to make a lifestyle change to become more fit, but might be intimidated by a large gym. We'll start out here, in my gym. I'll get you started with a fitness program customized to your needs. When you're ready, we'll look at the different gyms that are convenient to you and depending on the level of service you choose, I can go with you to the new gym and get you settled in. Each program will be customized. Each would include assessments, regular check-ins and review of goals, homework - things to do to get you from Thursday - Monday. You don't have to do this alone; bring a friend!


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