Kim-to-Gym© is a unique program designed to help any individual who wants to make a lifestyle change to become more fit, but might be intimidated by a large gym. We'll start out here, in my gym. I'll get you started with a fitness program customized to your needs. When you're ready, we'll look at the different gyms that are convenient to you and depending on the level of service you choose, I can go with you to the new gym and get you settled in. Each program will be customized and would include assessments, regular check-ins and review of goals, homework - activities to do to get you from Thursday - Monday. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You don't have to do this alone; bring a friend for increased motivation and savings! To contact Kim, click the "Contact" button above ^ or call: 978-760-0524

MyFitnessPal Startup
$40.00USD - 45min

The best way to stay on track is to keep track! I love MyFitnessPal, it keeps track of all my workouts and my diet in 1 easy place. I'll show you how it works and help you get set up. To contact Kim, click the "Contact" button above ^

For those short on time, are incorporating personal training into their daily workout, or for those just starting out, the 30 minute session is for you. We will go over your workout goals and come up with a strategy that fits your needs. To contact Kim, click the "Contact" button above ^

Get a full workout personalized for you! We will start with some background information, go over your goals, and create a workout strategy you can stick to. To contact Kim, click the "Contact" button above ^

Meet me, see my space, get a feel of what kind of program we can set up together. This time will also include some basic assessments and a few introductory exercises appropriate for your fitness level.

Studies show that people are more likely to stick to a fitness plan if done with a friend, so bring a friend for your personal training session! Like the private session, we will go over background information, workout goals and personalize a workout strategy for you both. To contact Kim, click the "Contact" button above ^