Mobile Three60fit Training - 60 min

30 min Private Training session at Three60fit location.

45 min session at Three60fit location

60 min private session at Three60fit location.

Massage Therapy (30 min)
$40.00USD - 30min

Good for one MT 30 min session

Massage Therapy (60 min)
$65.00USD - 60min

Good for one 60 min MT session.

Open Gym
$50.00USD - 45min

45 min reserved time slots that allows you to rent your own private training room! No longer will you have to walk blindy into a "gym" not know what exercises to do or how. In this 20 x 15 sized room, you'll have access to a full squat rack, deadlift rack, bench press, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, boxing dummy, stretching mat, etc. Included in this membership will be a 30 min private training session to establish a 30 day exercise template to follow