Let's meet and chat about your fitness goals and concerns one-on-one!

Let's meet and chat about your fitness goals and concerns. This comprehensive consult includes measurements, body fat analysis, strength and posture assessments. This is the baseline to measure your progress.

Click the contact button and enter your info to claim free testing and consult! I will contact you ASAP to schedule. Body Composition is the best indicator of health and fitness, Not the scale! If you are on a fitness program, or want to start one-- it is vital to have measurements periodically to see if you are on track with your goals. I can help! I will use caliper and/or tape measure to get an accurate estimate. Look forward to meeting you! Sharon

Private training session - 30 min

Private training session - 60 min.

Bring your friends along for some fun circuit training using trx, balls, weights and more! Learn basic core, cardio and sculpting exercises. 45 minute class includes warm up and cool down.