15 Weeks Transformation
$35.00USD - 60min

The workouts developed by IRON JOX FITNESS has helped many to get into shape. From HIIT, planks, to knee tucks, 60 minutes of these exercises will give you the stomach you've always wanted! 3 sessions per week for 15 weeks. * to receive this price all sessions must be paid at time of sign up. you have up to 6 months to complete all sessions NO REFUNDS expect for special circumstances

Improve or gain boxing skills & conditioning training: Iron Jox utilizes boxing training as a fun and fast paced way to get a lean, increase speed, and endurance while learning boxing techniques and developing hand-eye coordination and overall body coordination and dynamic athletic conditioning. *Nutrition plan *Strength Training *Weight-loss

Online Coaching
$120.00USD - 30min

Online personal training can help you reach your health and fitness goals with all the convenience of training in your own home, gym, or other personal space. We specialize in weight loss and lifestyle modification with physical training, nutritional changes, and improvements in thinking to help you reach your goals. We teach you how to eat right and exercise correctly, and help you understand the various aspects of fitness, from nutrition to mobility. We believe in training the mind and the body and can deliver all of this to you through online workout and nutrition programs. Nutrition Plans, four 30 min online sessions, weekly access to personalized workouts, weekly email check-ins and workout assignments. Access to the GoStatz App

$30.00USD - 60min

Get sweaty with your best friend or make a new workout buddy on the turf in our group training sessions! With a team environment to motivate you through that last rep OPT. 1 hr. session *2x Week= 24 SESSION FOR 12 weeks* OPT. 2. 1X WEEK FOR 12 SESSION 12 weeks*

A Dynamic personal training program that is customized and modified to meet your specific needs. Tailored to help clients to reach their fitness goals through cardio, strength training, stretching and flexibility exercises. *Nutrition plan *Strength Training *Weight loss