Rosemary Homeister


trainer since September 2015

certified Certified Personal Trainer & Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

Welcome to Jockey Rose Fit Club!

Being a professional Thoroughbred Jockey for the past 24 years, Fitness and Nutrition was a daily regimen for me. Maintaining a certain weight on a daily basis was crucial to my riding career. Moving forward, as a personal trainer, I want to bring my knowledge and experience to helping my clients achieve there Fitness & Nutrition goals.

Weight Loss, Maintaining Weight, Toning and Tightening, having More Energy or just wanting to Look and Feel better ~ My goal is the learn about each one of my clients unique situations and help them grow and move forward into a Healthy Fitness Lifestyle! Try my ONLINE TRAINING today! Follow me on Instagram @Jockey_Rose_Fit Servicing the following areas - Houston, TX

Training Philosophy:
I believe if you have a Vision in your mind of the body you want, YOU can create it! Motivation and Determination will drive you towards your goals!
Training Environments:
Home, Outdoors
Session Lengths:
60 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes
Workout Types:
One-on-one, Group classes
Weight Loss,Toning and Tightening, Strength and Increased Energy!