1-1 Personal Training
$90.00USD - 60min

New to kettlebells? Want a quick start to safely learn the 'in's & out's" of this highly effective fat burning and muscle toning tool? Then sign-up for an individual session(s) with Coach T. He will put you on the fast track to kettlebell proficiency.

Kettlebell Zen Workshop
$50.00USD - 120min

Come meet people, like yourself, that are looking for alternatives to Big Gym boxes, stationary machines, and programs that have you spinning round and round, but getting you nowhere. Forge a new relationship with this iron ball and let this sphere of metal craft the body that you always wanted! Show up, be consistent, and let your mind become one with the kettlebell! What you will learn... The Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift - you need to learn how to safely pick up a bell in order to swing it! The Russian Hardstyle Swing - Learn why this is one of the best movements for fat loss and a nice looking buttissimo! The Goblet Squat - Discover lost mobility and get ready for your core to be tested! In addition, I will show you several brain-based exercises (ZHealth Performance) These will include several joint mobility, vision and vestibular drills that will provide a better movement map for your brain and body! Where? Optimum Movement and Performance When? February 20 from 11am - 1pm Why? Because your New Years Resolutions need to be reignited!