The hardest part is starting . To start your journey to optimum health and fitness you must have a starting point to gage your progress . Test will include : body measurements/ body fat % , cardio endurance, and strength capabilities. Goals and expectations will be discussed . When you decide to change your life and surrender and sign up for my program .. you will have a personalized plan to success . A workout tailored specifically for you will be designed along with a meal plan . Bring a towel and water you will be performing some basic exercises.

Group fitness is motivating and cost effective . All fitness levels welcome . Limited spots must reserve spot available. All spots are reserved with a valid credit card No charge just reserves. All class reservations must be 3 hours prior to class time . Participants are responsible for reserving and canceling . 10 hour cancelation policy

Is time an issue ? This is perfect for you . Live training session via IPAD - COMPUTER -SMART TV right in your own home , minimal equipment needed just desire and dedication. Includes Health and fitness evaluation and meal plan with the purchase of your package . TRY ONE SESSION COMPLIMENTARY in addition to your HEALTH AND FITNESS EVALUATION .

Private Session- 30 min
$49.00USD - 30min

You can purchase by clicking PACKAGES All aspects of health and fitness offered- Weight loss & Management Speed & Agility Power &Strength Bridal bootcamps Nutritional Guidance Online face time / skype training available