Alejandro Terrazas


trainer since October 2015

certified American Academy of Personal Training

Welcome to Unleash Fitness.

Hi my name is Alejandro Terrazas, and I have been a trainer for 6 years. I began working out about 4 years before getting certified, so that I could help others. I needed to know that I could help myself first. As a trainer i began my career in New York Sports club where I learned most of my knowledge from elite trainers that had light years more experience than me.

My client count started slow, but has increased vastly since I made this a career and passion. After 4 years in the company I decided to go on my own. Since then, I never looked back. Having helped change the lives of over 300 clients, nothing is more rewarding than to see them succeed specially when I am part of the cause. While having my ACE certification, I decided to also go to the American Academy of Personal Training. I am currently on my way to earning my exercise science degree, I will not stop learning because I have never given up on my clients, no matter what.

Training Philosophy:
My philosophy is very simple: You are a beast--a machine, you don't let anything bring you down because you can do it, focus on the finish and unleash!
Training Environments:
Home, Outdoors, Gym, Fitness Studio
Session Lengths:
60+ minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes
Injury Experience:
Ankle, Hip, Head & Neck, Shoulder, Back, Torso, Knee
Workout Types:
Group classes, One-on-one
Strength and conditioning, injury recovery, posture fix, elderly training, sports conditioning.