12 Month Unlimited Classes
$69.95USD - Monthly

12 month agreement of Unlimited Classes at Field House Gym. Join us Monday through Friday for a.m. classes and Monday through Thursday for p.m. classes. all classes are from 30 minutes to an hour with every month being published ahead of time. Times and dates are subject to change in emergencies.

24 sessions PIF
$1080.00USD - Every 6 Months

3 months PIF

60 Day Vixen Challenge
$60.00USD - Every 6 Months

60 weight loss Challenge. Includes 60 days worth of rotating workouts and Weekly macro goals.

6 month Online Coaching Special
$600.00USD - Every 6 Months

6 month Online Personal Training Special. 6 months for $600.00. Includes macro Coaching and workouts. Normally $900.00

Christmas Online Special
$300.00USD - Every 4 Months

4 months for 300.00

Christmas Special Unlimited Vixen
$359.70USD - Every 6 Months

6 months PIF Special. 59.95 a month

Contest Prep - 12 Weeks Out (Online)
$400.00USD - Every 4 Months

Macro Coaching
$150.00USD - Monthly

Macro Coaching for 3 months. Weekly macro changes to meet your goals. Includes 2 days of Vixen when you have membership to Field House Gym.

Mini 1:2 off
$60.00USD - Monthly

Mini Challenge
$79.95USD - Monthly

1 month Vixen or online training

One Month Online Online Coaching
$150.00USD - Every 3 Months

One Month of online coaching

One on One Training (Online)
$150.00USD - Monthly

6 Month Commitment for online personal training. Package includes weekly workout changes and macro coaching. Package can be for weight loss or show prep.

Online Membership
$50.00USD - Monthly

12 Month Commitment

Online posing session
$25.00USD - Monthly

Online Training 3 month
$150.00USD - Monthly

Online Personal training. Includes weekly changes to macros and workouts. Workouts are designed to meet your goals in need.

P4 Challenge Only
$49.95USD - Every 2 Months

P4 Challenge only, with use of P4 and Vixen Classes. 8 week macro coaching.

Per4mance Evolution Challenge
$139.95USD - Every 3 Months

8 week challenge. Includes online workouts or unlimited Per4mance Evolution Classes, t-shirt to finishers and macro coaching.

Per4mance Evolution Classes
$69.95USD - Monthly

Per4mance Evolution Unlimited Classes. Introductory offer. can come to any of classes available at Fieldhouse gym in Harker Heights, Texas. 6 month contract is required to receive this rate. Includes. posture assessment, weekly body fat assessment, fitness assessment Coed Training Classes.

Per4mance Evolution Couples
$119.00USD - Monthly

Couples membership for P4 Coed group training. 6 month Billing Cycle. 59.95 per person.

PIF Vixen Unlimited
$360.00USD - Every 6 Months

6 Month Unlimited Access

Small Group 2 x per month
$200.00USD - Monthly

Group personal training

Unlimited 2018 Vixen
$99.00USD - Monthly

Unlimited Vixen 3 Months PIF
$298.00USD - Every 3 Months

Unlimited Vixen Fieldhouse HH
$89.95USD - Monthly

Unlimited access to group training. 2 weighs ins per month. Basic macro coaching. 6 month agreement no cancellations or refunds. CLIENTS will be charged $35.00 for non payment and late fee.After 90 days of non payment clients will be sent to collections.

Unlimited with meal plan
$120.00USD - Monthly

6 month membership with weekly meal plan

Vixen Muscle - Unlimited
$139.00USD - Monthly

One Month Commitment

Vixen Muscle - Unlimited
$99.00USD - Monthly

Unlimited Membership $ 99.00 6 Month Commitment

Moving Special