1/2 of Travel fee and team feee
$375.00USD - 60min

1/2 of travel fee and team Fee. Second half Will be Due 15 th of month

Competition Assessment
$40.00USD - 30min

30 minute assessment to go over competition breakdown. Includes pictures, body fat, nutritional analysis,

Group Personal Training
$55.00USD - 60min

Group personal Training

Gym Punch Card
$80.00USD - 1min

Gym Punch Card 12 Visits

Never Settle Challenge Phase 2
$79.00USD - 60min

8 Week Challenge for Vixen Muscle.

One On One 1 Hour Session
$75.00USD - 60min

1-on-1 personal training for 60 minutes.

One on One 30 Minute Session
$30.00USD - 30min

30 Minute Personal Training Sessions

Online Posing Session
$25.00USD - 30min

30 minute posing session via skype or facebook.

Posing Practice
$65.00USD - 60min

One On One Posing Practice.

Punch Card Vixen Muscle
$99.00USD - 60min

12 Sessions for $99.00

1/2 hour sessions pre purchased. PIF purchases only with no refund Expiration date will expire with in timely manor to uses sessions.