Vixen Muscle


trainer since January 2016

certified B.S. NASM CPT CFL-1

Shauna is a NPC physqiue competitor,and the creator and Owner of Vixen Muscle. She developed VIXEN MUSCLE in 2012 after her 2011 competition season. Shauna has been training for over 18 years and had a passion for the fitness industry since she was 14 years old.

Shauna is a single mother of two little boys and a full time trainer at Heritage Park Fitness. She competed in two figure competitions in 2006 and 2007 and shortly after, Shauna became pregnant with her 1st son. After her second son was born, she found herself 170 pounds and 40 pounds heavier than before her first son and had the desire and urge to compete again. She spent two years trying to loose the weight. With countless hours of hard work and determination, Shauna set a goal to compete at Texas State. Four months of determination and following a regimented routine found her on stage. She understood then that she had a passion and a desire to help others follow her footsteps. That passion led her to found VIXEN MUSCLE.

Vixen Muscle is a program designed specifically for women who want to build lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, and loose weight. You can be any fitness level to join! Vixen Muscle has both location and online training available.

Training Environments:
Home, Outdoors, Gym, Fitness Studio
Session Lengths:
30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes
Workout Types:
One-on-one, Group classes