- First 6 sign up, enjoy hitting in a group setting with emphasize on quality over quantity. - 2 coaches present

Individual Training
$60.00USD - 60min

- Training session with just you and your W.E.T. Trainer - Enjoy the full attention of you Work Ethic Trainer!

Monthly Nutrition Plan
$80.00USD - 15min

- One month of a custom nutrition plan - Weekly 15 min consultations with your trainer!

Private Catching
$45.00USD - 30min

- 30 min of catching instruction with your WET instructor

Private Hitting
$45.00USD - 30min

- 30 min of hitting with a WET Instructor

Private Infield
$45.00USD - 30min

- 30 min of infield drills with your WET Instructor

Private Pitching
$45.00USD - 30min

- 30 min of pitching instruction from you WET Instructor

Semi Private 14 and up hitting
$30.00USD - 60min

- Enjoy a semi-private group hitting environment with two coaches

Semi-Private Training
$35.00USD - 60min

- Training with a W.E.T. Trainer and other trainees - Enjoy an encouraging environment while having the proper guidance and motivation from your trainer

Team Training
$150.00USD - 60min

- Enjoy an hour of team training with Coach Andrew - Fun. efficient and great way to team bond while getting better at the same time!